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Property Management F.A.Q.s

We start our monthly close out around the 25th of the month. Income distributions are made between the 26th and last day of the month. Funds are directly deposited into our client's accounts through an electronic ACH transfer.
Yes. We do charge a minimum monthly management fee of $50 on vacant properties. Even though your property is vacant, we are advertising and working to secure a qualified tenant, and we continue to take care of all maintenance, repairs & billing as needed.
NRPM provides each owner with a dedicated property manager that serves as the initial point of contact. This personalized feature will improve the quality of service for both owners and tenants. The property manager assigned to your property will be backed by a team of property management professionals who specialize in leasing, accounting, and maintenance.
We offer our owners online access to information on their accounts 24 hours a day. The information comes from our database. If the information you need is not available on our website, your property manager will gladly assist you. We love talking on the telephone, but suggest emailing your property manager with any questions you might have.
Yes, we can easily pay your monthly bills, including mortgage, utilities, and HOA dues. We do require minimum account balances in excess of the estimated monthly payments in order to take advantage of this service. We will also need an invoice to accompany each payment.
We do require a $200 minimum balance to be maintained in your property's Reserve Account in an effort to ensure there are enough funds available to properly manage your property if an emergency arises.
We perform a credit check, criminal background check, employment verification, and rental/ mortgage verification on every prospective adult resident.
If rent is not received on or before the 5th of the month, we mail a three day letter to vacate notifying the tenant that payment must be made promptly. If no response is received within approximately three days, we can file an eviction. At the eviction filing, the county clerk will set a court date, usually within 15 to 21 days. For a uncontested eviction, the process from beginning to end will usually take about 30 days. The court costs of an eviction, which can be as much as $200, are the responsibility of the tenant. The court costs are paid initially by the owner and then we charge the tenant for the costs. NRPM does not charge any fees for their eviction services unless it proceeds past the normal Justice of the Peace Court. You pay only court costs and attorney fees if required.
We perform a move out inspection of the property. During the inspection, we identify items that should be charged to the former tenant and document the condition of your property with digital pictures. We then provide make ready bids for the necessary repairs to get the property ready to lease. Once the property is ready for marketing, we allow prospective residents to view your property.
We account for the security deposit from your tenant on your owner's statement. When the tenant moves out, we deduct all costs that are considered "beyond normal wear and tear" from their security deposit. The tenant's security deposit less deductions is refunded to the tenant and any funds deducted from their deposit are then retained by the owner as income. We document all damages with notes and photos.
In the event that you need to end management, you must give us a 30 day written notice to terminate your property management agreement. Upon receiving written notice, we adjust the reserve to $500 to ensure sufficient funds to pay any outstanding bills. Approximately 45 days after the termination date, we will process your final distribution.
Yes! We have licensed Texas Real Estate agents in our office that can help you. If you have an established relationship with a REALTOR, we will be glad to assist you by working with them to make the process smooth.
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